Turkish Beykoz Glass Rosewater Sprinkler

Turkish Beykoz Glass Rosewater Sprinkler
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Use this precious vessel to sprinkle rosewater or any scented blossom water into your spa bath, or on the hands of your guests before or after dinner.

This gorgeous decanter itself lends a majestic air to the tradition, and will make an elegant, exotic statement in your home.

Material: Glass Dimensions: H: 7.5''

Beykoz glassware began to be produced at glass workshops in Beykoz during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Selim III (1789 - 1807) This glassware, made of both opaline and transparent glass, is characterized by both cut and painted designs in either polychrome or gold. Since it was first produced Beykoz ware has been sought after, and antique examples can today be seen in museum and private collections. Reproduction Beykoz glassware of the finest quality is today produced entirely by hand, by Pasabahçe craftsmen. Hand wash only.

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