The Sultans of Rythm "Sultana" CD

The Sultans of Rythm "Sultana" CD
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"Sultana" By the Sultans of Rhythm

This CD features hip shaking drum rhythms in various styles, utilizing a myriad of percussion instruments and is a must for Bellydancing!

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Featuring 11 Tracks:
Turkish Sultana Rhythm (4:37)
Anatolian Magic Rhythm (5:02)
Hawana Belly Dance (5:18)
Orient Rhythm (3:31)
Anatolian Light (4:40)
Full Rhythm (3:07)
Turkish Delight Rhythm (4:12)
Blue Rhythm (4:54)
World Colours Of The Rhythm (4:24)
Fantastic Rhythm (3:13)
Anatolian Fire (3:04)

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