Darbuka Hits CD

Darbuka Hits CD
Item# darbuka-cd

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Darbuka Hits by Firouza

Another great workout CD combining bellydance music re-mixed with techno, rave and pop.

12 Tracks

Gece Dansi Remix Versiyon (Night Dance Remix Version) Gece Dansı (Night Dance) Darbuka Remix Show (Darbuka Remix Show) Darbukanin Dili (Language of the Darbuka) Darbuka Hits Remix Show (Darbuka Hits Remix Show) Oryantal Ritim (Oriental Rhythm) Darbuka Esintisi (Breeze of Darbuka) Roman Perküsyon (Romanian Percussion) Çilgin Darbuka (Crazy Darbuka) Grup Perküsyon (Group Percussion) Darbukanin Aşkı (Love of Darbuka) Tekno Perküsyon (Techno Percussion

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