Recycled Soda Top Clutch/Pencil Case

Recycled Soda Top Clutch/Pencil Case
Item# sodatop-clutch

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Absolutely stunning! This stylish clutch purse or pencil case is made from recycled soda pop tops and sparkles with a mesh feel.

The wrist strap is made from recycled tires. Lined with fabric available in a variety of colors. Please indicate color preference at checkout. Sold individually.

The founders of BIO Imaginarte take the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” to heart.

The focus of BIO when it began in 1992 was educating Mexico in the need to protect and restore the environment.

Working with women who live in several villages as an aspect of its education efforts, BIO helped designed bags and other functional products that are made from manufactured materials, reusing aluminum pop tops, rubber from tires and plastic billboards, as well as recycling paper and candy wrappers.

The women are paid a fair price for each piece that they make, which promotes the beauty of handmade products while addressing one of the main causes of environmental deterioration in Mexico—poverty.

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