Kabak Kemani 'Gourd Violin

Kabak Kemani 'Gourd Violin
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Kabak Kemani 'Gourd Violin
This is a traditional instrument handcrafted of wood and goat leather.

Material: Goat's Leather Body, Wood Keyboard Dimensions: D 6.7" L 26.7"

This is a well known, popular Turkish folk instrument, the features of which change from region to region.

The table is generally made from a dipper gourd, although wooden versions are also frequently encountered. The stem is made from hard wood.

This is placed on the knee and allows the instrument to be moved from right to left.

The instrument can easily produce all forms of chromatic sound. It produces long sounds, and can also be played legato, staccato and pizzicato.

kabak kemani strings - yayli anadolu - folk enstrumani (su kabagi keci derisi ahsap klavye) anatolian folk instrument kabak kemane (gourd violin)

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