Flip Flop Pendant on leather, Kenya

Flip Flop Pendant on leather, Kenya
Item# flipflop-pendant

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Lightweight and unusual, this leather cord with flip flop pendant can be worn as a necklace or a choker. The pendant is a spiral of "maridadi" or beautiful beads with a metal bead center strung on wire. The leather cord is 32 inches from end to end and finished with metallic beads at each end. Colors of the beads and leather will vary. Like all of the UniquEco products, it is packaged in a woven bag and has a detailed information tag attached. Each pendant on leather is sold individually.

Thousands of discarded flip-flops wash up on the African shoreline. This indestructible rubber creates an environmental disaster for the marine eco-system as it spoils the natural beauty of the beaches, is mistakenly swallowed by marine feeders, and prevents hatching turtles reaching the safety of the sea. Realizing that this flotsam brings a limitless resource to coastal communities in Kenya, UniquEco works with locals to collect and re-cycle discarded waste. The product range is diverse, from unique accessories and jewelry to one-off sculptures of amazing ingenuity, humour and beauty.

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