As dreams do glimmer and blind,

so the sun, with tears have wrought,

a joyful moment in kind,

where sight gives way to thought….

Imagination soars,

till eyes again behold,

the sureness of plank and oars,

of treasures wrought in gold...

Her shadow hides the sun,

‘gainst the sky, a base relief,

hearts and minds, as one,

in awe & disbelief…

We look upon her might,

her sails (her standards) tall,

her colors bold and bright,

her majesty humbling all.

She tolls for all to hear a herald’s

call for every mile,

that draws my treasures near,

And sings my heart

with joy the while…

She comes in stately grace,

upon the line of earth and sea,

and the wind upon my face

bears her words to only me....

“I Come” My heart declares,

nay, vows it heard in solemn truth,

A trove this vessel bears,

at last my waiting ends forsooth!

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