Brass Turkish Hammam Bath Bowl

Brass Turkish Hammam Bath Bowl
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Enjoy your own Turkish Bath experience with the Turkish tradition of Hammam (or Spa).

This bowl can be used to sip wine or nectar while soaking in your steam bath.... or use it to hold bath salts, soaps or potpourri.....or perhaps as a finger bowl beside a lovely towel for your guest's refreshment.

This beautiful traditional bowl is handcrafted and handcarved of brass.

Material: Brass Dimensions: D 7.9" H 2.4"

Brass, which is obtrained by amalgamating copper and zinc, is durable, hard, and yet easly workable, which made it a prime metal to use in ship making, jewelry, and accessories. Since it is easily hammered compared to the bronze, it has been used in household utensils and cups, bowls, and pans, and it has also been used decoratively in lighting due to its similarity with gold.

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